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Here are the answers to questions we have recently received.

Q: Can you polish wheels that were originally chrome plated?

A: There is no way to polish a plated wheel due to the etching that occurs in the process of stripping the chrome from the wheel. I always recommend purchasing wheels that are unplated. They are less expensive, and with professional polishing and a little attention and maintenance, the shine will last for years and can always be re-polished if necessary.

Q: Why do my chrome plated wheels peel?

A: Literally anything that hits the wheel while at freeway speeds can cause a tiny tear in the plating, which causes flaking and the destruction of the plating. Over time the area spreads and "peels." At this point there is nothing that can be done to correct the problem.

Alloy wheels are notorious for scratching from curbing. They also peel from the acid of animal urine when it comes in contact with the plating as it eats through the chemical seal.

Q: Should I sand blast my aluminum pieces before sending them to you for polishing?

A: No, sand blasting is used with 80 grit which causes etching on the aluminum and therefore damages the metal. I recommend glass beading instead.

Q: How do I know what kind of metal is under the paint?

A: Use a magnet and if it sticks it's steel.If it doesn't stick it could be stainless, pot metal, brass, or aluminum. You won't know which of these metals you have until you remove some of the paint.



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